Scads of New Palm Pre Apps

A number of new apps have appeared in the Palm Pre app catalog. Go check it out, if you haven’t already. For myself, I purchased Ultralingua’s English Dictionary ($9.99)–I’ve been waiting for a good dictionary, and I like Ultralingua’s products.

I’m also giving Mark/Space’s Fliq Tasks and Fliq Notes apps a try, given how anemic are the Pre’s built-in Tasks and Memos apps. I’ll likely be setting myself up to purchase the Missing Sync app, but if that’s the price for syncing, I’ll live with it.

Palm’s added an online list of apps here, and you can get Twitter updates by following @PalmNewApps. Good hunting!

Update: Palm’s online listing doesn’t seem to be particularly up-to-date, and the Twitter feed hasn’t mentioned the new apps yet. So, still some work to do there, it seems.

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