My Pre Suddenly Reminds Me of My Treos

My Treo (actually, both my Treos, 600 and 650 alike) were prone to random reboots. To be fair, so were my Windows Mobile phones. In fact, the only phones that hadn’t rebooted randomly, until very recently, were my dumbphones and my Pre.

However, since the 1.2.1 update (I believe), I’ve now seen my Pre act a bit like my Treos. Specifically, when I run certain sequences (e.g., hit an email notification while Messenging is maximized) my Pre resets. I thought it was a fluke when it happened the first time or two; now, it’s starting to act like a pattern. It’s not reproducible, at least as far as I have the time to find out, but it’s definitely becoming pretty consistent.

I must say, it’s a bigger deal with the Pre than with my Treos (or WM phones) simply because the Pre takes so long to reboot.

Anybody else experiencing this phenomenon, particularly post-1.2.1? Leave a comment and let me know.

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