Performance Issues with WebOS 1.3.1 on the Palm Pre

After a few days running WebOS 1.3.1 on my Palm Pre, I’ve identified a few particular performance issues that are worth noting:

  1. I am receiving many “too many cards” errors than with any WebOS version so far. Where I once could open ten or more cards without issue, only receving the error after opening and running a Web browser for an extended time, I’m now getting the error when I’ve only opened a few core apps. For example, I just received the error when I tried to open the App Catalog with only the Calendar, Messaging, and Email apps running. Even closing all cards made no difference, and the only solution was to reboot.
  2. I’m experiencing some significant lag in the Launcher, which had previously been fairly smooth. The lag is a bit annoying, frankly, and occurs when opening the Launcher and first trying to scroll, and then when switching Launcher pages.
  3. In general, screen response to taps is less consistent than before. It can take multiple taps, and “harder” taps–which makes no sense with a capacitive screen, but there you are–to open programs, select items, push buttons, etc.

In fact, the only performance improvements I’ve noticed over time are a snappier Phone app and marginally better battery life. Anybody else experiencing these issues?

UPDATE: Apparently, my memory issues were related to a Switcharoo Free version that had a memory leak. I installed the latest version, and I can now open multiple cards without issue. Whew! Incidentally, Switcharoo is a great app–get it from the homebrew collection via your favorite homebrew app loader.


  1. After I installed 1.3.1 my touch screens randomly becomes unresponsive unless its plugged in charging.

  2. I had the same issues. I wasn’t sure how to find the exact cause so I performed a full erase today. I hope that solves my problems.

  3. I’m seeing “too many cards” as well: I think it’s the Navigation app. No homebrew here…

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