Palm Pre Battery Life After 1.3.5

I am getting much better battery life with 1.3.5. Previously, I’d take my Pre off its Touchstone at 7:00am and would need to start charging by 3:00pm or so with moderate use. I might make it to 5:00pm with light to no use. Under the moderate usage scenario, that worked out to about a 10%/hour discharge rate.

The day before yesterday, my family drove into the mountains to play in some snow, and I noticed that although I’d taken my Pre off charge at 9:00am that morning, it had
20% left when we pulled into the driveway that night at 10:00pm. This was using the Pre for navigation, which usually sucked battery life like a drunken sailor. Odd metaphors aside, this works out to a moderate usage discharge rate of roughly 6%. By any reckoning, that’s an impressive improvement.

I’ll return to work on Monday, and I’ll evaluate my battery life in a more typical scenario and report back. So far, I remain very, very pleased with 1.3.5.


  1. Much better battery life. I was only getting about 5 to 6 hours with minamul useage. My phone is at 20% battery life after being off the charger for 16 hours. Before I couldn’t run any apps for a long period of time. Now I can run my twitter app for the 6 hours I’m at work. Also my phone is not randomly turning off and re statrting when ever it feels like it.

    • Yep, my experience is almost as good. Very, very impressed with what Palm has done with 1.3.5. CES should be exciting!


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