Palm Pre Battery Life Improvements with WebOS 1.3.5

After some extensive testing, I can verify that, for my Pre at least, battery life was significantly improved with WebOS 1.3.5 (and remains with With WebOS 1.3.1 and earlier, I was averaging a discharge rate of roughly 10%/hour given my typical usage, which was mainly email and texting throughout the day with a few short phone calls mixed in. With WebOS 1.3.5, that has improved to around 7.5%/hour, a 25% increase in battery life.

This has been extremely welcome, because my Pre will now last from 7:00am when I take it off its Touchstone until I return home at around 6:00pm, with a little room to spare. Previously, it needed a charge at around 3:00pm.

Palm has stated that WebOS 1.4 will bring additional battery improvements, and I’ll update this post once we see if they succeed. In the meantime, feel free to post your own battery experiences in the comments.

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