Verizon Enabling Simultaneous Voice and Data for Palm Pre/Pixi Plus?

An interesting paragraph in MacWorld’s review of the Pre Plus:

I was able to connect five devices with no problems. And while connected to the Mobile Hotspot, I could still receive phone calls and texts without interruption. If one of your devices goes idle (like another smartphone, for example), the Mobile Hotspot will disconnect it from the network. Once you activate it, however, it reconnects instantly. The range is pretty decent, too. As long as your devices are in the same room, they’ll stay connected. [Emphasis added.]

If true, that part in bold would seem incredibly important. Is Verizon going to start enabling simultaneous voice and data in general? Is it possible to enable it for specific apps only? Is this already a Verizon advantage that I’m simply not aware of (if so, then the AT&T commercials are incorrect)? Or is MacWorld simply confused here?

What do you think?

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