Top 5 Things That Should NOT Be in the Palm Pre 2

The last post covered the top five things that should be in the Palm Pre 2 (or whatever it’s called). Here are five things that should NOT be added to or changed from the original Palm Pre:

1. OLED Screen: One of the Pre’s greatest strengths is its screen’s legibility in direct sunlight. For a mobile device, this is a must, and OLED is simply terrible in brightly lit environments. No matter how big Palm makes the screen on the Palm Pre 2, let’s hope that they avoid OLED and use a nice, transflective screen.

Update: Check out the video below, which shows the Samsung Wave’s AMOLED screen in what appears to be direct sunlight. If this is what can be expected from the latest OLED technology, then I take this one back.

2. Landscape Slider Keyboard: Palm has always produced devices, particularly smartphones, that are optimized for one-handed use. Ultimately, this means a physical keyboard in portrait orientation–onscreen keyboards aren’t as usable in general (a matter of opinion, of course, but it holds true for many), and landscape keyboards are simply too cumbersome for one-handed use. It might be tempting for Palm to change their formula, particularly considering the perceived need for a larger screen, but hopefully they’ll stick to their guns on this one. The Pre is an outstanding design, and likely only needs an improvement in the overall build quality to remain competitive.

3. Glass Screen: This is very much a personal preference, but I tend to drop my phones more than I scratch them. So, I’d be more worried about breaking a screen than I am about scratching one. Also, screen protectors can take care of the latter, while retaining plastic’s advantages. Note that my original launch day Pre has never had a screen protector and remains flawless. Glass screens also add significantly to a device’s weight, and can’t take easily on the same sort of curved face as the Pre’s.

4. Overly Powerful CPU/GPU: The Pre’s current processor/GPU combination seems plenty powerful enough while providing decent (if not quite so optimized) battery performance. The next generation, such as the Cortext-A9 with matching GPU, should be plenty fast enough and still provide good (if not improved) battery life. More power with significantly reduced battery life or serious thermal problems wouldn’t represent a good tradeoff.

5. Ultra-high Megapixel Camera: Cramming more megapixels on a tiny sensor chip means horrible low-light performance, overly large file size, and only marginal picture improvement (if any). There’s simply no need for more than a 5MP camera, at most.

What are the things you don’t want to see in the successor to the Palm Pre?


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