Google – Release the Tasks API

One of my pet peeves with WebOS has been the inability to sync webOS tasks with Google and Outlook. Currently, I use Companionlink for Google to sync between Google and Outlook, which allows me to manage my calendar and contacts quite efficiently on both my PC and my Pre.

Communications with Companionlink, however, show that it’s the lack of a public Google Tasks API that’s at fault. And that’s odd, because Google uses the Exchange Activesync (EAS) protocol for (at least) its other components such as Google Calendar and Contacts, and EAS supports task syncing. For example, my work tasks are synced between my Pre and my work PC from my employer’s Exchange server.

And so I say: Google, release the Tasks API! You’d make a lot of Google users very happy.


  1. Hi Mark

    Had the same issue.
    Moreover, I wished a more powerfull ToDo/Task list.
    I finally settled with Toodledo for cloud storage and Done! on the Pre (webOS).

    I dumped MSOutlook and moved to Thunderbird.
    Syncing with Google Calendars and installed WAT to include the Toodledo website as a tab.

    Works great from Palm Pre+, TB at work / client site as well as from HomeOffice.
    You might try this too.

    BTW: There is also 3rd party tools to sync with MSO.

    However, I support call for Google Task API release. More options are better. :-)


    • Mark Coppock says:

      Rolf – Actually, I’m pretty close to your scenario at this point. I’m using Toodledo and Done! as well, works great. I also use TaskAngel for Windows on all of my machines and keep in sync that way. I actually prefer it to doing tasks in Outlook, and so pretty much just use Outlook for calendars and email.

      Glad that you found a good, workable solution. And, I’m surprised that Google still hasn’t released a Tasks API. Bizarre.

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