webOS 1.4 – A President's Day Surprise?

Palm Pre and Pixi users around the world are holding their breath, hoping that webOS 1.4 will be released today and bring with it the promised video recording, Flash underpinnings (although the jury is out on whether Flash requires 1.4), and various calendar, messaging, and performance improvements. Today is not only President’s Day (which should be Washington’s Birthday, but that’s another issue entirely), but it’s also the start of this years Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Some rumors have surfaced that the update is delayed (Precentral.com’s Twitter feed said as much the other day), and the notion of webOS 1.4 releasing today was a rumor to begin with. And so, hopefully, nobody’s setting aside their holiday to hit the refresh button on the Updates app. My suggestion: go and do something with your day, already. The update with be released when Palm has deemed it worthy, and hopefully not a moment sooner. Something tells me that this update is significant enough that Palm is making doubly certain that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, and so a delay wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Until then, I”ll be out and about, perhaps hitting up Hollywood for a quick walkabout. Should webOS 1.4 hit sooner than I expect, I’ll be certain to update this post.


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