WebOS Update Problem

This is more annoying than problematic, but my Updates app is broken. It’s telling me I have app updates when there aren’t any available.

Here’s the message:

Update message

But notice that no updates are listed:

Anyone else having this problem?


  1. I’ve had this issue for over a week now. I checked each app I have and had two with available updates. After installing those updates, I still have the same update issue you do. I hope this gets fixed with 1.4 release… Also, do you have apps installed on your phone that are not listed in that “My Applications” list? I have about 6 that don’t register there.

    • Ilan – I haven’t checked on whether I have any apps that aren’t in that list, but I’ll take a look.

      Richard – No homebrew since I doctored my Pre a month or so ago. Been holding out until after 1.4 is released. So, that can’t be it.

      Apreuser – Nope, that’s not the case for me. I’ve checked, and I don’t have any updates no matter the route I take into my apps list in the App Catalog.

  2. Do you have any apps that you installed from homebrew that are also in the palm catalog? Google voice is an easy one. sometimes you have a newer version than what’s in the catalog or yours is free and the new one is pay, and there you go.

  3. It’s right and wrong. It’s right that there are updates, however there is a glitch when you push the button in the updates app. If you go to the app catalogue through the launcher and click the shopping bag in the bottom right, it will bring up the list and within 5sec or so, indicate the available updates.

  4. This kind of behavior did happen to me over the past few weeks a few times (when I was compulsively checking for the 1.4 update :) but it went away after some time. It never persisted beyond a day of not running the Updates app.

  5. yeah, i get that everytime I check for updates, hope the next update fixes it!!

  6. yes, I had the same problem, but I fixed it with a full reset of phone! I backed up my files did the reset & whala! If you don’t do a full reset you will not be able 2 get update! I know cuz it happened to me before on! I will get my homebrew apps after 1.4 comes out!

  7. Been having the same issies. Not sure when they started but I hope it gets fixed soon. More annoying than anything else!

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