Palm Answers the Question: They Will Accelerate Web Apps

One of the most discussed questions around Palm’s webOS is whether, or when, they will utilize the graphics processing unit (GPU) to accelerate applications using the Web technologies inherint in webOS and the Mojo SDK. They mentioned this general possibility when they first introduced the plug-in development kit (PDK) in January:

However, we are hard at work delivering similar capabilities to all webOS applications. While we are not yet ready to announce our specific SDK plans in this area, we are closely tracking the rapid evolution of browser capabilities based on emerging standards, such as WebGL, CSS Transforms, and O3D for 3D graphics, and we are enormously excited about their potential to revolutionize the web.

Now, they’ve gotten just a touch more specific:

Q: Does the webOS PDK signal a change in Palm’s platform strategy? Is Palm abandoning its web-centric approach?

Palm’s platform is the web, and the availability of the beta PDK in no way changes our platform strategy. In fact, we have a robust web roadmap that will aggressively advance the performance and graphics capabilities of the web stack, with features like accelerated CSS transforms, WebGL and more coming later this year. [Emphasis added.]

This is good news.

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