webOS App of the Day: drPodder Mini-Review

Today’s webOS app of the day is drPodder, a long-time homebrew application that just today made it into the Palm App Catalog. drPodder is in this reviewer’s opinion by far the best podcast app on webOS today, being both easy to use and feature-complete.

Verdict: At $.99, dr Podder is simply a must-have webOS app.

Out of the box, drPodder offers to load a few technology blogs, and if you’re into that sort of thing then accept the offer. You’ll get a few of the biggies, including TWiT, Engadget, and Buzz Out Loud.

Adding a new podcast is as easy as clicking the "+" icon on the front page, where you can enter a feed URL or search the Digital Pocast directory. A dynamic playlist including certain podcasts can also be included.

The app can provide a handy list of all podcasts currently available to the listener. Podcasts that have been downloaded to the device (and are thus available even when no data connection is present) are indicated with a blue play button, while podcasts available for streaming or download are indicated with a green arrow button. Either way, playing a podcast episode is as simple as clicking on the podcast.

For a given feed, progress indicators provide immediate feedback as to whether or not a podcast has been started and how far along the listener has progressed.

Clicking and holding an episode provides the option to download the episode to the device, play it (if the episode isn’t downloaded, it streams), mark it as old, and view episode details.

For a given episode, a scrubber is provided along with show notes and player controls. It’s a simple but highly useful interface.

Configuration options include the ability to download episodes in the background, limiting automatic downloads to Wifi, configurable landscape mode, and other options.


  • Quick and easy interface
  • Great performance on 3G or Wifi
  • Auto-updating


  • None, particularly for a $.99 app

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