webOS App of the Day: Crossword Lite Mini-Review

Crossword Lite is the free, time unlimited trial version of Crosswords by developer Stand Alone, Inc. For those who enjoy crossword puzzles, the app is full-featured, easy-to-use, and loads of fun. The Lite version will play forever, but is limited to a pre-loaded set of over 50 crossword puzzles (which would be worth a few dollars on its own). The full version is $9.99, and provides access to daily puzzles from popular sources such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and others (including paid subscriptions).

The interface is very straightforward and well-adopted to webOS. The game can be played with the touchscreen alone, the keyboard, or a combination. A variety of hints are supported, including hints for a clue, hints for a puzzle, and showing mistakes as they’re entered. For a true crossword aficionado, all hints can be turned off. The game also supports a leaderboard to track completion time and requires a free account.

Here are a few screenshots:

Configuration Options

Configuration options

Puzze Interface

Puzzle interface showing mistake

Completion Screen

Completion screen showing statistics and leaderboard


  • Simple interface
  • Wide range of puzzles, even in free version
  • Nice selection of hints
  • Leaderboard for competitive types


  • Relatively expensive for a mobile app at $9.99 (although still a very good value)
  • Touchscreen interface sometimes a bit sensitive
  • Characters a bit small for those with weaker eyesight

Verdict: This is simply a great app for those who like crossword puzzles. A great way to improve one’s vocabulary and fill up idle minutes.

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