Is Verizon Giving Palm Users Free Mobile Hotspot Service?

According to this post at the ZDNet blog, Verizon is allowing Palm Pre and Pixi owners to turn on the mobile hotspot feature for free. If true, then that along with their new pricing of $49 for the Pre Plus and $29 for the Pixi Plus should seriously increase sales.

From the blog:

I don’t play the April Fool’s games so this is a true and honest post with no trickery included. The Palm webOS devices have not done well in the press and do not appear to be selling well, as we learned in the latest financial report. I just read over on that Verizon slashed the price of the Pre Plus to $49.99 and the Pixi Plus to just $29.99 with a two year contract. I paid $220 for my Pre Plus one month ago and plan to call them up to see if I qualify for a lower price. Something even better than this though is the apparent FREE Mobile Hotspot feature that was just turned on for Pre Plus and Pixi Plus owners tonight. I went to my Features page on My Verizon page and was able to add it for $0.00. Then I went to check it again and it doesn’t even show up as a Feature to toggle on or off. I tested it and the WiFi hotspot capability works like a champ. If Verizon is truly throwing in the Mobile Hotspot service when you buy a Palm webOS device then we may actually see some increased sales.

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