About webOS on HP Printers

So far, people are taking the "HP is putting webOS on printers" thing way too literally. More precisely, HP makes multifunction devices that are really information hubs that do a great deal more more than just print. If you think about these devices that way, then you can realize just how powerful they will be when they’re running webOS.

Consider some of the applications. You could print via the cloud and wirelessly from a webOS smartphone and tablet. You could print directly on the device from webOS-supported photo services (e.g., Facebook, Photobucket, etc.). Just as interesting, you could scan to the cloud from the multifunction device. Think about scanning a business card and having a new contact automatically created on your smartphone and tablet–and that’s just a simple example of what could be done. Personally, I know that I’d love to scan documents directly into my Evernote account via a webOS interface, even while a photo is printing—multitasking really does have a place on a multifunction device.

Heck, you could even send a fax from your smartphone and tablet if you wanted to.

Most important, this functionality wouldn’t be just for the home. Perhaps even more meaningful are the applications relevant to the enterprise, including integration with enterprise applications like SAP and Salesforce.com. The possibilities are endless, thus providing even more of an incentive for HP to put resources into developing webOS. If you’re a webOS fan, then you should look forward with a great deal of excitement to the first webOS multifunction device.

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