Matías Duarte Leaving Palm – Not a Tragedy

One of the architects of the webOS user interface (UI), Matías Duarte, has left Palm and is likely heading to Google to help out with the Android’s UI. Some folks are understandably upset about this turn of events, but we should keep things in perspective.

First, this isn’t a sign of Palm’s demise. They’re well past that stage with the impending HP acquisition. Rather, the guy probably just got bored. Let’s face it–all the really hard work is done in webOS. Everything from here on out is just tweaking, and a creative person like this probably just needs a new challenge.

Second, there are some signs that perhaps his management and working style wasn’t the best fit for the integration with HP. As Engadget reports:

While Matias was unquestionably a prime mover at Palm, we had heard rumblings that his rigid attitude toward design and control-freak nature sometimes caused conflict amongst the team.

Finally, there’s no reason to slam the guy. He gave us a great experience, and we’ll be enjoying the webOS UI for years to come, and on many different devices. The Palm community should show some class by  wishing him the best and then giving a big welcome to whomever is going to fill his shoes.

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