Consolidating Contact Info – webOS Does That

Lifehacker has a rather extensive article on how to pull all of your contact information from various sources—Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.—into once place. It’s a nice article, but I was struck by the fact that webOS Synergy already does this for me on my Palm Pre.

Specifically, with only a minimum of configuration, I currently access contacts in webOS from the following sources:

1. Google contacts (which syncs via CompanionLink for Google with Outlook)
2. Facebook
3. LinkedIn
4. Yahoo! contacts
5. Exchange contacts (and my company’s Global Address Book is also available via Universal Search)

And, not only is this information automatically gathered for me and kept up-to-date, but it’s also intelligently de-duplicated. For example, I have a contact with different last names in different services (for a variety of reasons)—webOS noticed a common email address for this person and created a single contact. I can search by either last name and I get the same contact information. As with webOS Synergy in general, it’s a very powerful feature hidden behind a very simple and elegant interface.

It’s easy to take for granted some of the little things that webOS does for me. The ability to have easy access to all of my contact information from every important source is only one of them.


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