HP Exec Using a “Tablet Style Device”?

Rahul Sood, the same HP exec who had such positive things to say to the webOS community, had this to say elsewhere on his blog:

Now that we see phones like the HTC Evo coming out, and of course the Iphone and Nexus One the competition is making things very fun. The launch of the iPad also changes things, such devices makes reading books and magazines a joy, not to mention surfing the Internet. In fact, I am composing this blog on a tablet style device..no doubt everything is changing for the better. [Emphasis added.]

Before we all get too excited, it should be noted that HP has made Tablet PCs using Microsoft’s Windows OS for some time now, and so any one of HP’s current products could certainly be the “tablet style device” that Mr. Sood is talking about. However, I find it interesting that he uses this phrase in the context of the iPad, which is a very different animal from Tablet PCs, and yet it’s clear he’s not talking about the iPad.

It’s likely wishful thinking to imagine that he’s using a webOS tablet, but it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. And that’s what makes this such an exciting time to be a fan of HP Palm and webOS.


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