Palm Pre Plus vs. HTC Droid Incredible

Laptop Magazine is at it again, this time pitting the winner of their March Madness smartphone contest (the Palm Pre Plus, natch) against the HTC Droid Incredible, the winner of their recent Android roundup. So far, as of 9:40am PST, Team Palm is behind, 57% to 43%, but that’s a dramatic improvement from the 68% to 32% delta as of less than two hours ago.

Final update: It’s official. The webOS community once again rallied around our favorite platform and dominated, 35,856 votes to 25,479. HP and Palm, just imagine what we’ll do with modern hardware!

Update: As of 11:00am PST, it’s now 54% to 46%. We’re chipping away at the lead!

Update 2: as of 1:00pm PST, it’s now 51% to 49%. Almost even, and a very impressive showing so far for the webOS community!

Update 4: as of 2:30pm, the Palm Pre Plus has pulled ahead, 51% to 49%. Outstanding!

Update 5: as of 3:45pm, the Pre Plus is widening the gap, 53% to 47%. The poll closes in about five hours, so there’s still lots of time for a Droid Incredible comeback. It’s no time to be complacent.

Update 6: as of 4:45pm, the Pre Plus is starting to dominate, 55% to 45%. With just four hours to go, it looks like the webOS community might just pull out a victory.

Update 7: as of 6:00pm PST, the Pre Plus has a very comfortable lead at 56% to 44%. With three hours to go, the Android folks would be hard-pressed to win this thing.

Update 8: with only 24 minutes remaining, the Palm Pre Plus holds a 57% to 43% advantage. It’s safe to say this thing is over, I think.

If you haven’t voted, do it now. The full story is here.


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