Apple Taking Competition Seriously (Including HP Slate)

Apple’s buying up Google AdWords that target competition to the iPad, including the Dell Streak and the anticipated HP Slate (expected to run webOS, of course). Techcrunch has the story:

In a move that suggests a tad of insecurity on Apple’s behalf, the iPad maker is apparently buying Google AdWords ads targeting potential buyers of the Dell Streak, the Android-powered micro-tablet or netpad or whatever it is people cooler than me call the device.

Update: same deal for ‘HP Slate’

There’s an irony to Apple advertising on Google’s network to fend off competition from Android-powered slates. But, it’s probably necessary—the iPad, for all of its “revolutionary” and “magical” nature, is in this blog’s opinion a limited device that suffers from the same closed mentality as the rest of Apple’s iOS products.


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