HP’s Phil McKinney to Keynote MobileBeat2010

It’s common knowledge by now that HP CTO Phil McKinney will be giving the keynote speech during MobileBeat2010 this week in San Francisco. When the agenda was created for the conference, it’s obvious that HP’s acquisition of Palm wasn’t expected to have closed already:

MobileBeat 2010 is all about who among these players will make money, how and why.

The war’s primary theatre is the new form factors–tablets, 4G phones, HD TVs, connected devices—and the operating systems that power them. In one of the boldest land grabs of the year, the industry’s biggest PC maker, HP, is buying Palm, which could potentially free it from the new mobile OS overlord that is Android. While he can’t necessarily speak to the acquisition, you can bet HP Product Chief Phil McKinney will deliver a momentous keynote on the future of mobile software innovation. [Emphasis added.]

Of course, the acquisition is closed, and McKinney is free to say whatever HP wants him to say. Think about that when considering the keynote’s description:

[Keynote] The Perfect Storm of Innovation Why do device makers need to innovate in software in the current market? How does this play into the coming deluge of connected devices? McKinney shares developments now underway at his own organization, including HP’s vision for next-generation connected devices, and how to tap into the promise of the cloud. [Emphasis added.]

While it’s unreasonable to expect an announcement of actual devices, one shouldn’t be surprised if we’re not provided with some kind of hint as to what’s coming. This would be the perfect opportunity for HP and Palm to start building buzz for the next generation of webOS devices.

Update: The talk came and went, and Mr. McKinney had little else to say about Palm other than a reaffirmation of HP’s commitment to webOS and the mobile market (webOSroundup provides a nice summary of the talk). It remains obvious that great things are coming–what’s not so clear is when we can expect to see them.


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