HP’s Rahul Sood: webOS is “freaking awesome”

HP’s CTO of Gaming, Rahul Sood, posted on his blog again about his excitement over HP’s acquisition of Palm and webOS. This time, it was (naturally) in the context of the impact and promise of mobile gaming. Talking about webOS, he had this to say:

Finally we have a mobile operating system we can be proud of. You know, I’m never one to say something I don’t believe – I never really liked Windows Mobile, although Mobile 7 looks to be potentially awesome (you’d think after a decade or so it’s about time?).

I’m glad we finally bought PALM and now the possibilities are truly great. If you have not tried webOS you truly owe it to yourself just to try it. It’s so freaking awesome. The biggest complaint right now is people want to see more hardware choices – I think we all know that.

Yes, Mr. Sood, we’d like more hardware choices, but those will come in time. For the moment, it’s enough to know that people within HP remain committed to webOS, and it doesn’t hurt to see the CTO of Gaming excited about what webOS brings to the portable gaming market.

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