HP’s Todd Bradley to Employees: webOS Tablet in Q1 2011

Well, according to Engadget, various sources have confirmed that HP Personal Systems Group leader Todd Bradley told HP employees yesterday that project “Hurricane,” HP’s internal codename for the webOS tablet project, is real and will bear fruit in Q1 of 2011. While it’s good to get confirmation, I’d rather see something ship by the holidays this year to gain some momentum heading into the new year. In the final analysis, though, I’d rather see HP and Palm take the time needed to get it right.

Perhaps the momentum will come from a new webOS smartphone sometime soon. If so, and if that’s pretty much all we can expect to see in 2010, let’s hope it’s a good one.

Update: An additional thought… If you think that HP and Palm are working as hard and as fast as they can to integrate the companies and implement an aggressive and compelling webOS hardware roadmap, then is there really any reason to complain about “how long” things are taking? If they are, then things will happen as best they can, and let the chips fall as they may. While it’s possible that so much traction could be lost between now and the beginning of 2011 as to render webOS entirely irrelevant, it’s also possible that there’s plenty of time before the nascent smartphone and tablet markets are set in stone. So, it’s impossible to predict success or failure at this point—there are just too many variables still at play.


  1. They need to nail this tablet, I’m particularly excited to see how Palm will make use of HP’s handwriting recognition expertise. I’d love to replace my pen and paper with a PalmPad.

    • Man, re: the pen, I agree. I’ve been using a Tablet PC for years now, love handwritten notes. It could really differentiate a webOS tablet from the iPad.


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