No webOS Devices on Verizon’s 2010/2011 Roadmap?

For what it’s worth, BGR published Verizon’s roadmap for 2010/2011. You’ll notice that Palm is conspicuously missing, although of course it’s always possible that whatever source provided this to GBR simply didn’t have access to Palm info. And, although rumors are flying around a possible CDMA iPhone coming to Verizon, the source didn’t reveal anything about that, either.

It’s interesting, but completely unclear how important. Lots of talk about Android, LTE, MiFi’s and the like. Indeed, if everything BGR reports is true, and if Verizon does have Palm devices and the iPhone on tap, they’re going to have their hands full.

BGR summarized it like this:

Regardless of whether an iPhone comes to Verizon Wireless anytime soon, it’s obviously clear they aren’t slowing down with their huge Android push. With LTE coming up, and a major stable of high-performance smartphones, it seems like Verizon has positioned themselves to win. We’ll see how the end of the year and 2011 shape up before making any concrete judgements (sic), though. Did we get anyone excited?

In answer to that last question, I’d say: not really.

Update: I forgot to mention the most important caveat: this could be complete bunk. Shouldn’t forget that possibility.


  1. darn it :/


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