HP confirms webOS and Windows 7 tablets

According to Computerworld, HP confirmed today (again?) that they are producing webOS and Windows 7 slates, the latter for the enterprise. This isn’t news, and Computerworld doesn’t say where they got the information. And as they note, HP said nothing about the Zeen, which remains a bit of a mystery.

Hewlett Packard Co. definitely plans to be in the tablet business, but questions remain about whether it will create different hardware for each of three expected tablet operating systems — Android, Windows 7 and WebOS.

HP on Thursday officially said in a statement that it’s "very excited about the slate [tablet] category" and "plans to use the WebOS from its Palm acquisition as well as Windows 7 from Microsoft for this category."

There was no mention, however, of an HP slate running Android, as widely reported, although a spokesman indicated more information would be avilable "at the appropriate time."

WebOS will run in HP smartphones, slates, netbooks and printers, with Windows 7 running in a slate targeted for select enterprise markets, the company said.

However, for webOS fans lately, this bit is the most familiar (and depressing):

HP did not discuss timing in its statement.

If I can find more information on today’s statement, I’ll update this post.

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