HP’s Rahul Sood–Touchstones in the Boardroom

HP’s CTO of Gaming, Rahul Sood, posted some interesting news via Twitter today:

…just found out the executive boardroom that @philmckinney uses at HP has been equipped with Touchstones at every table. #palm #webos


…apparently many of the boardrooms are getting equipped with #touchstones. that’s commitment right there ladies! #palm #webos

Agreed, that definitely shows a commitment not only to the platform, but also to Palm’s innovative Touchstone technology as well. There’ve been some questions lately given the fire sales on Palm accessories, but if HP is going to the trouble in installing Touchstones in boardrooms, then certainly the technology must remain a going concern. He didn’t provide any details on what kind of Touchstones—first generation or anything else, if it exists—but at least we can assume that devices for at least the immediate future will support Touchstone technology.

And that’s great news all around.

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