Evernote Puts Their webOS Client “On the back burner”

Evernote, makers of the otherwise outstanding note-taking application by the same name, was one of the earliest mainstream developers to put out a webOS client. It’s been some time since an update, however, and there remain outstanding bugs that are still causing data loss for some people (myself included, although obviously I’ve stopped using the webOS client for important data and am currently looking for an alternative).

Evernote’s stated position on the topic is, shall we say, disturbing. From their support forum:

We’d love to see the WebOS platform succeed at HP, but our resources are limited, so the WebOS client is currently on the "back burner" while we wait to see what happens with the platform.

- Dave Engberg (Evernote)

Note that we’re not just talking here about a lack of new features that have been introduced on other platforms, as disappointing as that is by itself. We’re talking about existing bugs that are apparently causing notes to be lost, and that have been reported for months now on the Evernote forums by a number of users.

Evernote, you still have the client available in the Palm App Catalog, and you’ve apparently done nothing to resolve these issues. I say: either fix these bugs, or remove the app from the catalog and announce that you’re discontinuing webOS support pending better results in the market. People rely on your product for saving important data—losing that data because of bugs that you refuse to fix on a currently shipping product is unacceptable and beneath your otherwise fine organization.

Update: Twitter user @tklr reports that Evernote responded to his email requesting a downgrade from the paid service. It looks like they’re listening, so if you care about Evernote and would like to see them reconsider their stance, send them an email or visit their forums today and let them know.


Update 2: Then again, in response to these concerns Evernote simply posted instructions on how to cancel their premium account:

Log in to your account on the web, go to the Settings page (https://www.evernote.com/User.action) and click the link to "Cancel" your premium account. That will prevent it from renewing, but you will remain Premium for the period you’ve already paid.

- Dave Engberg (Evernote)

Without more of a response, perhaps something along the lines of the email above, this remains a very disappointing stance.

Update 3: It’s been a week or so since I started my Evernote crusade, and after some back and forth with Evernote there’s still no definitive answer on when or if we’ll see fixes to the webOS Evernote client. Evernote does admit to being perhaps a bit overloaded:

Thanks for the feedback. We certainly haven’t given up on HP or Palm, and we would love to see the platform be successful.
We’re just maintaining more different projects than we have engineers (when you count all of the mobile phones, browser clippers, etc.). So in any given month, we’re working on some of them and not others.

This month, we don’t happen to have anyone working on: WebOS, Windows Mobile, Firefox clipping, SMTP email gateway, Twitter gateway, etc.
Next month, the list will change.

- Dave Engberg (Evernote)

And they’ve obfuscated a bit:

We have many bugs on each of our platforms, and we don’t have specific dates when each will be fixed. I.e. if a fix has gone through QA, we’ll say "in the next release".


- Dave Engberg (Evernote)

But otherwise, there’s no firm commitment one way or another. And so, my position stands as it was: if webOS support is important to you, and you can transition to another note taking solution, then you might want to reconsider Evernote.


  1. the webOS client is what first got me into evernote. I take all my notes at home and at the office using it. I have a zero paper workflow thanks to evernote.

    That said, when my premium subscription ended a month or so ago, I didn’t renew, because of the bugs and lack of new features on the webOS client.

    Evernote does at least have a webOS client, so they deserve some credit for that. On Linux, I have to run an ancient version of Evernote via WINE and it’s quite painful. They announce new features and all I can do is dream about then, as the two platforms I use evernote on the most never get any love.

    That said, on my iPhone 4 (don’t judge me, it’s my work phone and the OS is so sucky compared to webOS) and various macs it’s a wonderful experience.

    • kansei – I’d be fine with Evernote if they just fixed the bugs, even without enhancing the client’s feature set.

  2. Ugh, what a smug response. ::shakes head::


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