Verizon Phasing Out the Pre Plus?

According to Engadget, the Pre Plus is being phased out by Verizon, which could mean a replacement is coming soon:

Judging from some documents we’ve received, Big Red is looking to clear out a lot of inventory right about now — presumably to make room for some upcoming models, some of which we’ve already heard about through the grapevine. Specifically, the Pre Plus along with the BlackBerry Storm2 and Curve 8530 are apparently marked "Phase Out"; in the case of the Pre Plus, we know Verizon’s site has had itmarked out of stock for a little while now, while rumors of a Storm3 and Curve 9330 have been floating around for some time. Also on the chopping block are a couple netbooks, a USB modem, and the MiFi, a device we’ve heard would be replaced with the ZTE-sourced, dual-mode Fivespot in the near future. All makes sense, doesn’t it? Follow the break for a second shot.

The source? An alleged Verizon document indicating the phasing out of a number of other products as well:

Interesting. Doesn’t bode well for Sprint, but then again it doesn’t bode not well for Sprint, either. I’m getting a sense that things are finally going to start getting more interesting soon.

Update: Precentral reports that the end of life for the Verizon Pre Plus is October 21, 2010. Is this when we’ll see the next webOS device? And, why no similar information yet from Sprint? Is nobody looking? Enquiring minds want to know…


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