Astraware Releases First Titles for webOS

Long-time Palm OS developer Astraware has released their first two games for webOS, OddBlob and Astraware Sudoku. Having played both, I can say that they perform well and are loads of fun (although I’m not terribly good at Sudoku, having not nearly enough patience for it).


You’re probably already familiar with Sudoku, and Astraware’s version doesn’t disappoint. It provides all of the most important features, such as:

  • Puzzle generator – creates an unlimited number of true Sudoku puzzles in the background whilst you play. It automatically creates more puzzles when you need them, so you never have to wait.
  • Puzzle of the Day – download the puzzle for your chosen difficulty from the Sudoku of the Day webserver each day and once you’ve completed it, submit your time to see how you compare to other players worldwide!
  • Enter your own – you can enter puzzles from magazines and newspapers and get help solving them.
  • Multiple difficulty levels – perfect for players of all abilities, Astraware Sudoku offers a simple, usable interface and puzzles at 5 levels of difficulty.
  • Assistance – includes many types of assistance including a Sudoku solver, manual and automatic pencilmarks, a smart hints system to give you helpful guidance without just showing you the solution, and hold-and-highlight for locating particular numbers or groups. Use these features to help you learn how to play Sudoku, improve your game and progress to higher difficulty levels!

sudoku_screenshot_320x480_01 sudoku_screenshot_320x480_02 sudoku_screenshot_320x480_03 sudoku_screenshot_320x480_05

Get Sudoku from the App Palm Catalog.


OddBlob is a maze game where you help a “groovy clay dude” navigate through an obstacle-ridden landscape, with a variety of special tiles and bonuses strewn across the colorful landscape. In addition, you have the option to play mini-puzzles, and to accomplish combinations of bounces for extra points. All in all, it’s great fun, and makes a for a relaxing time waster when you have time to… well… waste.

oddblob_screenshot_320x480_01 oddblob_screenshot_320x480_02 oddblob_screenshot_320x480_03 oddblob_screenshot_320x480_04

Get OddBlob from the Palm App Catalog.

Note that both games are priced at an introductory $2.99 each (which will increase to $4.99 at some point), and so you should go get them now.

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