Evernote and Multifunction Devices

In the interest of bringing things back to a positive note, here’s something that I recommend the Evernote folks think about. Consider it free marketing advice…

HP plans on putting webOS on its Internet-connected multifunction devices that print and scan. That means, the Evernote client could relatively soon be running on millions of devices with built-in scanning and print capabilities. Come one, seriously, guys: how can you miss the incredible possibilities here?

If I were Evernote, I’d be pouring resources into the webOS client, and working directly with HP and Palm to integrate into their marketing plans for the new devices. Evernote could be the premier information management application running on devices that are part of an integrated family of connected systems: smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and multifunction devices.

Are they seriously just sitting back and waiting to see what happens with webOS "post-HP"? Seems extremely short-sighted to me.


  1. That’s a fantastic idea. There are already great ways to get content into Evernote but nothing for actual documents as good as scanning them directly! Evernote is already a fantastic notebook but on webOS printers it could be an entire document management system.

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