The Next webOS Smartphone: Another Rumor

webOS World has published another rumor about the next webOS smartphone, and this one’s a doozy:

Initially the Palm c40 (under Palm) was put in two concepts designs. One was a slide out portrait, very reminiscent of the Pre. The other was a horizontal slider very much like the Epic 4G.  The stats back in March/April were quite impressive:

  • 1ghz CPU
  • 3.7″ glass screen
  • Revamped physical keyboard
  • Amazing thinness ~0.5″
  • Newer versions of webOS
  • 5MP camera with 720p recording capabilities
  • 800 x 480 resolution

The phone was initially slated for a July 2010 release. You see, Sprint had quite an amazing little plan. Their goal was to release one 4G smartphone per month all summer long; The Evo would be released in June, the c40 in July, and the Epic in August. All three devices would be geared towards different audiences, but they would all offer the same ultra fast speeds. This release date changed however when HP stepped on the scene in April.

The first thing HP introduced to this testing lineup was a new “prototype phone” with specs they wanted to see in the two previous models. It had:

  • 4″ LCD capacitive glass screen
  • 8MP camera with 720p recording
  • Front facing camera
  • 960 x 640 resolution
  • DLNA support
  • 1.2ghz CPU

We have been told that the portrait slider has undergone the most testing. There is a very good chance that the c40 will be shipped looking very much like a Palm Pre on Steroids. We may see many of the prototypes phone’s specs to be carried over to the revamped c40.

There’s no source provided or definitive timeframe, but I just want to believe in this one. I’d wait for it as long as it takes—webOS 2.0 running on a monster like this would be pure heaven.

HP and Palm, can I has please?

Update: I just noticed the part about DNLA support, which is a standard for easily and conveniently connecting devices. HP support DNLA in some of their newer multifunction devices, like the Photosmart C309. It certainly makes sense that HP would push to include this capability in the smartphone, given their vision of a family of interconnected devices. It’s also obscure enough that it wouldn’t necessarily make it into the typical unfounded rumor. Hmm…


  1. All of these rumors that pair a retina display resolution with a screen size larger than the iPhone’s miss the point — the point is pixel density…which a larger screen throws out.

  2. lostsole1970 says:

    I like the size of te iphone, but has anyone really determined that the naked eye can view pixellation on a screen larger than the iphone with the same resolution? Sounds more like another apple PR tactic to say that they have the perfect whatever.

    Of course, the ability to view pixellation would be a moot point if you could hold the phone farther from ur face with… A larger screen.

    But I prefer either a small pocketable pone or a phone slightly larger than the iphone. If ur going for the big screen experience, then go big IMHO.
    I like

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