HP Launches Mobile Apps Site (With No webOS Apps?)

HP has launched a (very small) mobile apps site listing a number of HP-written apps for just about every mobile OS except for webOS. You can find it here.

There are only a handful of apps at this point, including a few apps for printing to HP printers and some financial calculators. Presumably, the site will be for serving up non-webOS HP apps, and that all webOS apps will end up where they belong: the Palm App Catalog.

8-26-2010 5-00-40 PM

It makes sense, really, and points out just how big HP is, how many different business it plays in, and just how difficult it will be for HP to balance all of its (sometimes) competing interests. And, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing that Snapfish app running on webOS.

Update: There’s been some grumbling on Twitter about the lack of a webOS listing. I’ll say that sure, once HP has some webOS apps to list, then certainly they should be listed here. Of course, there aren’t yet any, and so the site still makes sense today.

Update 2: According to HP’s Rahul Sood, via Twitter, this is a legacy project that will be webOS-focused going forward. I’ll be surprised if HP doesn’t continue to publish printer apps and apps for its various content services (e.g., Snapfish and MagCloud) for other platforms, but of course we’ll see.

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