Neato! Outshines Chrome to Phone on webOS

When Google introduced their Chrome to Phone extension, which sends links, maps, text, and other information from Google’s Chrome browser to Android smartphones, webOS users had a little while to be jealous. Emphasis goes on the “little while” part, of course, because webOS Foursquare app developer Zhephree (also his Twitter name, @zhephree) has released neato!, an app that does the same thing as Chrome to Phone but supports any browser. It’s available in the Palm App Catalog for a frightfully reasonable $1.43—I swear, app developers need to charge more for apps the provide this kind of value.

The app is incredibly simple. When you open the app to full screen mode, you’re provided with the option to generate the URL that you’ll use in your browser(s) to send to the webOS app:


Once you have your customized URL, then simply drag the link to your browser’s bookmark tab:

8-30-2010 10-35-27 AM

Then, it’s a simple matter of selecting the content in your browser and clicking on the neato! bookmark. Voila, instant (and I do mean instant) information at your fingertips. As long as you have the neato! app running on your webOS device, then you’ll receive a link that will, as appropriate, open in the default maps app, open in the browser, etc.

For example, open up an address in Google Maps on your browser:

8-30-2010 10-57-57 AM

And you’ll open the same location on webOS:


It’s an excellent little application that does really amazing things. Because it works from any browser, it’s not tied to Google properties, which for me is a good thing. And it’s easy to use, seamless, and incredibly fast. Due to some limitations in webOS, the app does need to be left running with the icon in the dashboard, but that’s a small price to pay for such great functionality.

Go get it now, if you haven’t already.

Update: Here’s a running list of some great ways to use neato!:

  1. Open a PDF in the browser on your PC, then hit neato! The PDF will open on your webOS device in the PDF Viewer app.
  2. Open a 320X480 image from Google Images (and other locations), then hit neato! If you have the homebrew app Internalz installed (which you should), the image will be opened and ready to save. Copy it to your wallpaper folder and select as your background.
  3. Open a Palm app listing (e.g., this one for Angry Birds), then hit neato! The App Catalog app will open and you can download the app.
  4. Open a YouTube video, then hit neato! The YouTube player will open in webOS with the video queued for viewing.
  5. Open a page that’s an audio file, and hit neato! The webOs music app will open with the audio queued for listening.


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