The Moment When Other Smartphone Users Became Jealous of webOS

I don’t often post to Twitter first and then here, but I’m going to make an exception in this case. Here’s what I tweeted:

I’m going to mark this as the moment when other smartphone users started to become jealous of @HP_PC @Palm #webOS.

The release of the webOS 2.0 PDK, and some of the incredible features it reveals, truly does mark an exciting milestone in the saga of Palm and webOS. Specifically, it represents the first real, detail, confirmed information from HP or Palm about the future of the platform since the HP acquisition. And, it’s chock full of great stuff—Stacks, Just Type, and Exhibition, along with everything else are absolutely game-changing features that leverage the fundamental strengths of webOS. They also position webOS for future devices such as tablets, and confirm that the Touchstone technology will remain viable (via Exhibition).

It’s suddenly an exciting time again to be a Palm webOS enthusiast. And, this is the moment when it all (re-)started.

Kudos, Palm!


  1. I am equally excited. Palm has, by far (very), the best mobile operating system. I remember just a few months ago we were asking ourselves: how can a mobile phone company that has got everything right go out of business?, HP, we really appreciate it!.


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