Developer Leaks webOS 2.0 Info, Palm Reacts Appropriately

webOSroundup reports about yesterday’s developer leak, reported at (not linked, on purpose), that revealed the presence of a particular option in the webOS 2.0 PDK (also not to be mentioned, on purpose) in direct violation of Palm’s NDA for the early access SDK program. Accordingly, Palm has suspended new admissions into the program, and is reviewing their policies around early access.

I’ve avoided posting such information, because I believe that NDAs exist for a reason and violating them hurts everyone—users, other developers, Palm, HP, investors. In short, it hurts the entire webOS community, which has enough of an uphill battle as it is. I’ve posted about general hardware rumors that are already widely reported because, first, they’re just rumors, and second, there’s no clear violation of any specific agreements. The information in the rumors is also not specific enough to provide the competition with any clear advantage.

I’ll be thinking about my own personal policy, and may or may not continue reporting on such rumors. Yes, I understand that my little site doesn’t have so much influence that it really matters. And, of course, the information will be reported elsewhere. Ultimately, it comes down to what’s in line with my principles, and so before I post the next rumor I’m going to do some reflecting.

I’m not going to comment specifically on Precentral’s reporting of the leak, except to say that I wouldn’t have reported it. Instead, I would have let the “anonymous tipster” know that they were leaking NDA information and could be open to civil and criminal charges for doing so. In fact, some other information was inadvertently linked via Twitter yesterday, and that’s the approach that I took.

Hopefully Palm will work out some way for developers to be able to benefit from early access while protecting their confidential information. If not, then we’ll all simply wait longer for applications that take advantage of new features. And that’s just a bummer for all of us.

Update: Palm has decided to open up the early access program again, to avoid punishing innocent developers. While I’d have understood if they had done differently here, Palm has once again showed that they’re different. As usual, happy to be a member of the webOS community.

Here’s the tweet:

9-3-2010 3-13-14 PM

Now, folks, can we all respect Palm’s leniency here and do the right thing?

Update: Precentral responded to the kerfuffle, and I think they make some decent points here. I’ll still pass on leaks that are so close to the source like this one was, but let’s just let bygones be bygones in this case.


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