HP CTO of All Things Cool Rahul Sood Talks More About webOS

It pretty much seems like whenever the webOS community needs a nice pick-me-up, Rahul Sood is there to inject some excitement. Leaks and mini-controversies about ex-CEOs can weigh against positives like webOS 2.0, and so it’s nice when Rahul has things to say like he said in a guest post on Palm’s official blog:

Sure, beautiful content like 3D games help drive innovation in our industry. Beautiful content forces chip manufacturers to make their chips more efficient, faster, and more capable. Beautiful content forces us to design our devices so our customers can dream, develop, create, and play on the best, most amazingly designed devices in the world. Beautiful devices are worthy of beautiful content.

Voodoo Omen But my personal focus is not just gaming — it just happens to be the edge of my blade. I’d love to hear your comments and questions about the interview, which you can find here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that we are incredibly excited to welcome the entire Palm team to HP. I know what it’s like going from a smaller company into a large giant. I am keenly aware of the challenges and the benefits. Believe me when I say the benefits far outweigh the challenges. The opportunity in front of all of us is unbelievable — in life and in business you must turn all challenges into opportunities.

I am so excited about webOS and Palm I’m finding it hard to contain my enthusiasm! If you share my enthusiasm, I’d love to hear your thoughts (suggestions, criticisms, favorite games, whatever) about Palm on this discussion board on the Palm Facebook page (and I’m also keen on bikes and cars). There’s also a photo album with some additional cool products we’ve created at HP. See you there!

Like I wrote about here, HP’s Voodoo DNA bodes well for future webOS devices. And Rahul Sood is right in the thick of things.

Update: Rahul responded to some comments on the Palm blog, with his usual enthusiasm. Go read it all, but here’s a taste:

Roland, Fritz, Guilaume…. I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed with webOS, but I’d like to offer a counterpoint. I had a partner meeting today with a major hardware vendor from the valley. One of the guys sitting across the table was talking about the benefits of Android and wondered why we didn’t release an Android phone… I was like "Are you kidding me??" – then I showed him my device, shared with him the cards, multitasking, and I offered a general use case scenario using the calender, email, phone, and a game for fun..by the end of a 5 minute demo he was sold. He now gets why HP PSG is investing massive resources into Palm and webOS.

Consider that response in relation to this little bit:

BTW, I am currently using webOS 2.0 on a daily basis, I’m very bullish about it…

and finally:

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what’s in store with webOS 2.0, what you see online is just a taster. You have to use it to fully appreciate it.

One word: goosebumps. Or is that two? Either way, let’s just say I’m excited to see what’s coming.


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