webOS 2.0 Screenshots in the Wild

Yes, there are more leaks from webOS 2.0, and yes, I’m going to mention them. First, they’re so far out in the wild that my little site won’t make much of a difference, although I fear that HP and Palm will have to do something drastic to control the leaks. Second, the pics were posted independently on a Chinese site that’s outside of anyone’s control, as opposed to being sent directly to a major webOS site and originated there. I think of these as similar to the hardware rumors–the cat’s already out of the bag, and there’s nothing I can do to put it back in.

Precentral.net and webOSround.com have provided info on what’s out there, and so I don’t have much to add. It does appear, though, that there are some very nice and much-needed improvements coming in webOS 2.0 in addition to what was recently announced.

Here are some of the more interesting screenshots:


Looks like Quickoffice is definitely on its way, with some nice file management options. It’s a bit surprising to see mobileme in the list, but hey—nothing wrong with attracking the odd Apple customer.


I’m looking forward to having categorized Launcher pages, along with a nice assortment of Launcher configuration options.


What’s that star for, favorites? And corporate/educational customers will be glad to see VPN support.


Text correction options are getting a real boost in webOS 2.0, apparently, with an editable user dictionary, shortcuts, and even sounds for auto-corrections.


“Just Type” will offer robuts configuration options, such as the ability to select Quick Actions and designate additional search engine options.


Some examples of “Just Type” results. I imagine that whatever text is typed can, in this example, be placed directly into a new memo or email. Quick Actions are some of the more exciting aspects of webOS 2.0, and I can’t wait to see how they work.


Still don’t see Windows Live as an account option.

All in all, webOS 2.0 is getting more attractive with each (unfortunately) leak. Let’s hope that developers can keep confidential information to themselves and leave us some surprises.


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