webOS App Review: Poster

As a WordPress user, I’ve been remiss in failing to provide a review of the excellent webOS app Poster. It’s been in the App Catalog for awhile now, and I’ve used it extensively for making quick edits at AboutwebOS.com as well as moderating comments. It’s a great app and should be installed and running on every WordPress blogger’s webOS device.


Poster supports both self-hosted and WordPress.com blogs, and requires WordPress 2.9 or 3.X. In addition, it uses the WordPress API, and so requires a quick configuration update on the WordPress site itself. I found the app easy to install, and I connected to my blog and was posting material immediately.



Posting via Poster is quick and easy. Just select the blog you want to post to (Poster supports multiple blogs), then click on the Posts tab, and then the + button at the lower left-hand corner of the UI. You can also access a list of the five most recent posts and select one to update by hitting the refresh button.


Poster supports three modes: Visual, Visual (No Images), and HTML, allowing some flexibility. For more complex posts, it’s likely best to use a PC, just as it is for any complicated content on a mobile device. However, for creating quick posts and editing current content, Poster excels, allowing the uploading of pictures, the insertion of links, and simple formatting including bold, italics, and underline.



Poster allows you to send a draft to the site or publish a post directly, and for those times when an idea strikes you and you’re not connected via wifi or 3G, Poster can save a local draft that you can upload later.


Poster also supports tagging and assigning categories, both by selecting from lists pulled down from the site or by creating new ones (which are pushed up to the site).



Poster can also create WordPress pages, with all of the relevant options. Creating a page is as easy and quick as creating a post.



For the mobile WordPress blogger, keeping up with comment moderation can be a pain. Poster makes it easy, allowing the approval, deletion, editing, and spamming of contents, along with replies.




Poster costs $1.99 in the app catalog, and is well worth every penny. Every WordPress user running a webOS device should buy it today, and I’d still recommend it at five times the price. The ability to easily and quickly create and edit blog posts and moderate comments while on the go helps make my Palm Pre the most productive device I’ve ever used. Combined with the productive multitasking of webOS itself, which lets me read RSS feeds, Web sites, and Twitter messages, and easily copy and paste quotes and links and upload pictures, all seamlessly and without interruption, Poster is simply a great tool for the mobile blogger.

Go get it now.


  • Useful both online and offline
  • Easy to learn and use productively
  • Feature-complete
  • Outstanding comment moderation
  • Regularly updated for both new features and bug fixes


  • Nothing major


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