HP Releases Envy 100 Printer, Gives Hope for Cool webOS Branding

HP Envy Printer

Some folks have speculated in various venues that HP could release webOS devices bearing their high-end “Envy” brand name. I was somewhat skeptical, until I saw this (via Slashgear):

HP has pulled the wraps off several new printers today with one of the most interesting of the three new offerings being the new HP Envy 100 printer. The printer looks like no printer I have ever seen, which is the point really. The thing has paper trays and output trays that extend out mechanically sort of like a CD ROM tray in a PC.

The printer is able to scan, copy, print, and fax. The unit also has web connectivity and has a 3.45-inch touchscreen for connecting to the web and it can install web aps. The printer is one of the new Android-powered offerings from HP. It will sell for $249 and launch on October 4.

Setting aside the still-unfortunate use of Android in the device, it’s cool to see the Envy name being used by something other than an HP notebook. I’d sure love to see an HP Envy 10” tablet running webOS and sporting Voodoo DNA.

Update: Twitter user @TreoRock reminds me made that he made a post about this some time back at the Precentral forums. So, let’s go ahead and give him credit for coming up with this idea first, shall we?


  1. DigitalYout' says:

    I hope October also sees the release of some new webOS hardware in the form of smartphones. October by my calculations begins Q1 2011 for HP. Here’s hoping my assumption is correct.

    • I’d love to think that HP means their fiscal Q1 vs. calendar Q1, but I’m not hopeful. I’m still expecting the coolest stuff after the first of the year, although I’m not ruling out a refresh of the Pre sometime in (calendar) Q4 of this year.

  2. DigitalYout' says:

    This just in by way of HP news/Business Wire. HP and Oracle reaffirmed long term partnership and squashed litigation concerning Mark Hurd.


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