Nokia and AT&T Steal a Page from Palm’s Playbook

Looks like Nokia and AT&T are following in Palm’s footsteps by offering some cash to developers in their own version of Palm’s Hot Apps contest. According to BGR:

Today, AT&T and Nokia announced the “Calling All Innovators” contest for developers. The contests goal is to get more North American-centric applications into the Nokia ecosystem. Oh, and if your application happens to be picked by AT&T and Nokia as a winner… there is a cool $10 million in cash and prizes waiting to be given out. “Developers have until January 28th, 2011, to submit their applications in more than 17 categories. [...] Category prize winners receive USD 150K each for a total of USD 4 million and grand prize winners receive an additional USD 100K each. Although submissions must be relevant for the North American consumer, developers from around the world can participate.” So, if you’ve got some ill development skills, and want to take a swing at Qt, here is your chance to be paid for your efforts. Good luck.

Looks like HP and Palm might want to revisit their own contests and pony up a little more cash. While $2 million total so far is nice, $10 million is… well… five times as good.


  1. From, The cash prizes dont add up to $10M; only the ARV (approximate retail value). The figure includes “marketing” for the winners. E.g., the runner up winners get $100K and then $1M in marketing promotion. The marketing promotion is included in the final $10M figure.

    I am not a developer ; I would be interested in finding out how tempting this marketing promotion will be to developers.

    Very complicated and tough to compare with what HP/Palm are doing.

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