Is it HP webOS From Now On?

9-25-2010 9-50-50 AM

There’s been some controversy in the webOS community around the HP branding at Palms new “Quick Port Stories” addition to the Palm Developer Center. For the longest time, folks have wondered about the future of the Palm brand following the acquisition, and some are taking this development as an ominous sign. webOSroundup covers the topic in their typical timely fashion.

For myself, I think it’s very simple. I’m guessing that Palm will remain the brand for particular hardware classes, particularly mobile devices running webOS. That means we’ll see Palm-branded smartphones, PDAs, and tablets. webOS itself will become an HP brand, so that it can be used for devices that simply don’t fit the Palm brand, such as multifunction devices and the “quick start” OS for notebooks and desktop computers. Examples would include the “Palm Pre running HP webOS” and the “HP Photosmart AIO running HP webOS.” The branding opportunities here are clear.

Of course, it’s equally possible that this page is just a mistake, and that we’ll find it corrected sooner rather than later. However, I’m inclined to think that this is indeed a sign of the times, but it’s not a negative one. Rather, it’s the natural progression of a strategy that I’m sure is still in flux at HP and Palm. And ultimately, the webOS community will need to come to grips with the fact that Palm won’t be taking the driver’s seat in any of this.

Update: The offending pages are no longer up. Interesting.

9-26-2010 9-12-41 AM

Mistake? Trial balloon? We may never know.


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