Twitter Abuzz with Evidence of Palm Hardware Certification

The folks at webOS Internals have uncovered some fascinating information, specifically word of new Palm devices certified at certification firm TUV Rheinland:

9-26-2010 9-52-26 PM

Looks like the model numbers are P102UNA and P102EWW. Note that the Pre was P100UNA (GSM) and P100EWW (various), so that’s not much information to go on:

9-26-2010 9-49-39 PM

These certifications occurred in August, but of course there’s no guarantee that these are devices that will ship anytime soon. One can be optimistic, though, and hope that we’ll be seeing them on AT&T and Sprint soon and that they’ll be something we all can get excited about.


  1. Well,
    if the past is any indication for the future:
    Before, it was about 2 month after certification date, when the device was available.
    So early August could in fact indicate an October release.
    Which in turn is in sync with previous rumors about a release date of a new device and webOS 2.0.

    So I guess, only time will tell. :-)

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