webOS App Review: Convertor

Sometimes it’s the simplest apps that come in handy. When you need to know how to dress for the day, you can check the forecast with a weather app. When you need to keep track of your automobile’s mileage and maintenance, you can use an automobile tracker. And when you need to convert from one unit of measure to another, you can use a—you guessed it—conversion app.

Because such apps are typically so single-minded and used on an ad hoc basis, the measure of their utility is how quickly one can get into them and start converting, tracking, or forecasting. One such app, Convertor by The Coding Bees, is a good example of such an app.


There are plenty of free conversion apps in Palm’s App Catalog, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies here. Convertor is a full-featured app that performs its function with an attractive, simple, and responsive user interface. It also covers all of the conversion categories that most people could ever need.

When you start Convertor, it takes you straight to a usable interface that’s ready for input. The app also checks for current currency conversion rates and updates them, providing a notification in the dashboard as it does so.


The interface is simple and direct, offering little in the way of distracting elements. Just start typing in the measurement that you want to convert, and Convertor goes to work.


Convertor handles a wide range of conversions that are easily selectable.


You can also store up to five favorite types of conversions for easy access later, by tapping and holding on of the five memory spots (M1-M5).


Finally, Convertor offers a decent number of configuration options, and a refreshingly complete Help function available directly within the application (no need to open a browser and go online to access it).



If you need a conversion app, then Convertor is a great option at only $1.99. There are free options, but so far I haven’t found one that offers the same level of capabilities. Convertor is easy to use, complete, and has a polish that’s shared by the best webOS apps. The inclusion of local help and currency conversion update function are welcome; the former is something I’d like to see in more apps.

Convertor is highly recommended, particularly at the low price of $1.99. Go get it now from the Palm App Catalog. There’s also a Lite version that’s ad supported.


  • Starts fast and gets right down to business
  • Elegant and clean interface doesn’t get in the way
  • Handles a wide variety of conversions
  • Convenient favorites function
  • Nice help system


  • None


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