Blackberry Playbook Beats HP and Palm to the Punch

Yes, it’s true: RIM has a webOS cards-like multitasking system running on a tablet (in public) before HP and Palm. Bummer.

It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close enough for government work. What’s worst is that whatever HP and Palm do release, at least on a tablet, will suddenly seem derivative.

Oh, and might I add: “Playbook” is an awesome name for a tablet. Simply brilliant.


  1. DigitalYout says:

    They stole a page from Palms play book, for there Playbook (cards,multitasking, and some ideas from the Palm Spot videos). So HPalm will have to push hard when they drop webOS phones and tablets. And the name PalmPad won’t do. I think they should do this before Microsofts sets WP7 off into the wild. HP Please get away from the idea of “if we build it they will come.” Not so much in tech nowadays.

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