HP Gives a Shout Out to the webOS Community

HP had this to say about the webOS community on their blog The Next Bench (a great resource, incidentally):

The Palm webOS community has become a vital part of the overall platform ecosystem. Like any good user community, they provide peer-to-peer support to each other, and indispensable feedback to Palm. But for the webOS community, that’s just the beginning.

One aspect of the webOS platform that’s become incredibly popular is the “homebrew” phenomenon. Developers are free to distribute a broad range of apps and patches that do things that go beyond the officially supported development environment. Apps need to adhere to the official guidelines if their developers aim to publish them in Palm’s App Catalog, but developers can also opt to distribute their apps through other channels.

The upshot is that a robust community of developers and fans has evolved around homebrew apps, beta apps, and unofficial system tweaks. Palm generally can’t offer support for these apps, but we do support the community’s ability to create and use them (at their own risk).

Were I to list one thing that’s kept me going through all of the trials and tribulations of being a webOS enthusiast, I’d have to say it’s been the webOS community. We’re small but might, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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