HP MagCloud: Left Hand, Meet the Right Hand

I’ve argued consistently that we in the webOS community need some patience given the challenges faced by HP and Palm in getting new hardware out the door. Putting two companies together while creating new products is a herculean task, and simply takes some time to complete.

At the same time, it’s incredibly frustrating to see HP pushing products and services on other, non-webOS platforms like iOS and Android. Apple products can already print from HP multifunction devices and printers before webOS can do so, and now we see HP’s MagCloud magazine service supported in a slick new app on Apple’s iPad:

Granted, an app like this is really best suited for the larger tablet format, and of course the HP Hurricane PalmPad is still set for release in Q1 2011. Also, HP has plenty of resources to go around, and making an iPad app takes nothing away from the work they’re doing on webOS products. Finally, I’m glad to see HP making platform-agnostics solutions rather than building an Apple-like walled garden—if nothing else, it bodes well for future support of a wider range of content on webOS devices.

But even so, it’s too bad to see HP focusing any resources on a competitive platform when even the most patient members of the webOS community are waiting for something to get us excited again. HP, once again, I’d like to make sure that your left hand knows what your right hand is doing. If they haven’t met each other yet, please make sure they’re introduced soon. We really would like to know that cool things like MagCloud are alive and kicking on webOS, even if we can’t see them yet.

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