Palm “Mansion” is the Newest Rumored webOS Smartphone

Alright, I’ll go ahead and post about this. Everyone else is—both Precentral and webOSroundup (via Precentral) are reporting on a new rumor around webOS smartphones. As webOSroundup puts it:

Well this is a nice change. After a long drought of news or leaks on new webOS hardware, in the last week and a half we’ve had information suface on the registration of two new Palm model numbers (P102UNA and P102EWW) as well as a possible new touchstone charging dock. But wait! There’s more.

Today brings report of a new Palm handset codenamed “Mansion”. According to the anonymous source, “Mansion” lacks a hardware keyboard and has a screen resolution of 800 x 400. That would mean Palm has stepped away from their stance that all Palm handsets will be equipped with a physical keyboard. Without one, all the extra screen real estate indicated by the 800×400 resolution will come in handy for the software keyboard that would be needed in its stead.

For myself, I don’t put any stock in such rumors, particularly given that so many of them have already failed to pan out. The bottom line is, we’ll get new hardware when we get it, and that’s going to be whenever HP and Palm are good and ready to give it to us.


  1. Come on Mark! Drink the kool-aid!!! Rumors are fun.


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