FCC Reviews Palm P102EUE

Engadget reported on the Palm P102EUE hitting the FCC. Normally, that means something coming relatively soon, since companies typically pay the FCC to hold the filing until just before release.

According to Engadget:

Okay, we know what you’re saying: why would a Europe-bound device be getting FCC certification? Well, really, it’s a simple matter of making sure that devices capable of roaming stateside are compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations… and it’s on that note that we direct your attention to this P102UEU model that’s just been approved. In Palm parlance, "P102" refers to the model — most likely the rumored Pre 2 in this case — and "UEU" means that it’s a UMTS 3G device destined for the EU. As you might recall, the similarly-styled P102UNA and P102EWW (North American UMTS and CDMA, respectively) were just spotted in TÃœV Rheinland’s database not long ago, so yeah, all signs are pointing to an announce pretty shortly.

The big questions are, of course: what is it, and which carriers will it hit? I’ll not belabor points I’ve made before, but it’s probably best to wait to see what this is before getting one’s hopes up.

Update: If you’re bored, check out the test report here. Lots of tidbits hidden in there (in plain sight, of course), such as Touchstone support (apparently the current model) and a 1GHz processor. Also, a slider.

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