New webOS Smartphones Coming Early 2011?

According to HP Senior VP Eric Cador at a conference in Barcelona, Spain (via Reuters):

Hewlett-Packard Co will introduce smartphones in early 2011 using the webOS software it acquired through its $1.2 billion Palm buy earlier this year, a senior company official said on Wednesday.

"You will see us coming early next year with new phones," Senior Vice President Eric Cador told an industry conference.

Huh. That seems somewhat concrete, and yet not. Let the speculation begin (i.e., “coming early next year with new phones” doesn’t preclude coming yet this year with new phones).

Update: The most important speculation, and perhaps the most valid, is that Mr. Cador was speaking specifically to the European market. In that case, since they always get new phones sometime after the US market, it doesn’t necessarily mean quite as much to us on this side of the pond.


  1. sugardave says:

    Don’t kid yourself. This means NO new phone this year. “Early” next year technically means before June 30. I’d almost be willing to bet this means no webOS 2.0 this year, either.

    The screwing of early adopters continues, and we keep taking it. It may be time to switch.

    • I’ve long held the position that 2011 will be the breakout year for webOS. Anything else is unrealistic. Yes, that means that many people will switch to other platforms, and I think that just can’t be helped.

    • That about no webOS 2 this year is just jumping to conclusions, not based on any evidence.

      I do beleive 2011 is for Europe anyway, not USA (Im from Europe). Even so, I still share the frustration about having to wait even more, but just to make it clear:

      If a company really want to screw early adopters, they can do so in a far more effective way by launching eight different phones in different carriers in the same year and leaving your “early adopted” phone completely old, unsupported and “un-updated” in just a few months. Thats what “switching” outside webOS means.


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