HP Senior VP Jon Rubinstein #41 in Tech100

Yes, you read that right: HP Senior VP Jon Rubinstein was selected as number 41 on the Tech100 list of most influential people. I point that out to note that while Tech100 says he’s the CEO of Palm, of course that’s no longer true.

Here’s what they had to say about Mr. Rubinstein:

Rubinstein was somewhat higher in last year’s Tech 100 but, but, but… Following Apple’s model of quality over quantity, Palm bet the farm on a solo product, the Pre – a good phone with a potentially great OS.

It didn’t come off, and now Palm’s been absorbed into HP’s huge corporate body. That, however, raises the mouthwatering prospect of webOS tablets and funding for more phones, so all is not lost…

It’s okay, Jon. We like you perfectly well, whether HP Senior VP or Palm CEO, or #41 or #17 on the Tech100 list. To us, you remain the man.

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